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Coaching Strategies for Self-Love and Success

Welcome! Do you know how you can develop a library of information on an area you want to work on and become quite an informative expert? But never take the first step toward action?

Well, what I do is help you move forward, toward the goal, and see beneficial results immediately!

Although consulting has been around for years, coaching is a way not only to teach, but to assist you in transforming yourself into the person you want to be. My clients are often bright, highly motivated people who are willing to make working towards a goal a priority. They need help with clarification, focus, and support. I work with individuals and groups face-to-face and virtually, where sessions are held by telephone. You do not have to leave your home or business or be concerned about parking or childcare. And if you are shy, you may remain somewhat anonymous.

I focus on two specialty areas:

  • Learning to love and value yourself -  affirming your self-worth!
  • Developing lifelong healthy eating habits!

My expertise is to help you define your goals and to encourage you and support you as you strive for them.

Call me today for a free 25-minute introductory session at (301) 299-3656.


About Sharon

Dr. Sharon C. Cooper is a licensed psychologist and a personal and professional coach. Her previous careers included ten years of high school teaching and five years of family research. For the past 20 years, she has been in private practice and has expanded her services to include coaching. Dr. Cooper feels that coaching combines the best of all her previous learnings in teaching, research, and counseling. She looks forward to working with you.

that's Italian for TO LIFT YOURSELF UP!